I-View Manual Screen200x 200cms(112″ Diagonal)


I-View Manual Screen200x 200cms(112″ Diagonal)-ONE YEAR WARRANTY


iview Tripod projection screen are a portable solution to any projection need. Tripodsuse a manual pull-up screen, where the casing attaches to a free-standingtripod platform. Popular in schools, because of their mobile design and lowcost, tripods are also widely used for mobile business presentations.  • Tripod Floor standing Screen  150 x 150 cms viewing area• MaxWhite B screen material is durable and easy to clean• 3D Ready• 180 degree wide viewing angle for commercial presentationsor residential home cinema• Screen lanyard for easy operation included – allowsscreen’s pull down handle to be reached from high areas• Black backed screen material eliminates light penetrationfor superior color reproduction


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